Whatever you do, please do not go see Dr. Kerry Swenson.  She has very poor communication.  No compassion and rude nurses.  I'm looking for a new one.

Dvchicago, I am sorry to hear that you had an unpleasant experience with one of our physicians. If you could please reach out to webmaster@northshore.org with some more details about your visit, I will make sure your concerns are addressed. Thank you.

You may have already found a great gynie.  I use Dr. Jill Hoprasart who is with a team of gynies. She spends as much time with her clients as needed; she's up to date with the latest; and she is caring.  She was recommended to me by my internist.  As you may know, doctors recommend the best doctors for care. Her number is:  847-869-3300.

Dr. Traci A. Kurtzer has proven to be a wonderful, caring doctor. I have had trouble with doctors in the past who do not seem to listen, and she does. She took her time with me and offered new advice that other doctors had not recommended. 

My main gynie is Senapati, and I LOVE HER! She's very cool and comforting, and seems to sincerely care about you as your doctor. I had Topel once when I wasn't able to see Senapati, Topel def has a sense of humor and is comforting as well! He's not much of a computer user like other doctors, but if you really need him, there's always a time he can see you. 

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