Hi, can anyone recommend a good/empathetic gynie? I saw someone a few years back and was told I had HPV (the type that causes cancer) and to basically wait 1 year and go back for another check. I was extremely nervous with this suggestion because I have Multiple Sclerosis so my immune system isn't the greatest. My worries and concerns were voiced on cold ears. I am now way past due for my check up but because I had such a horrible experience the last time I don't want to just pick someone at random (what I did last time). So can anyone give me a good referral? It would be much appreciated and would get my family off my back lol!

I have been very happy with Dr. Howard Topel. He's an older guy, very comfortable, well-regarded by his staff and the OR team, caring and very good at what he does.  His office staff is good about keeping Dr. Topel on track so that patients aren't left waiting for too long, and they're very accessible for questions and concerns.  Good luck with your search.

Dr. Susan Kramer is one of my favorite doctors.  I have had my share of bad doctors throughout my lifetime and I can truly say that Dr. Kramer is not one of them.  She is the first OB/Gyn I saw that treated me as an individual rather than as another patient.  She is truly caring and concerned with aspects of her patients health beyond OB and Gynie needs.  I will not see anybody else for these aspects of my health needs.

I have been seeing Dr. Sarah Wong for the past 20 years and she and her staff are awesome!  She is very caring and listens to you.

I agree that Dr Sarah Wong is a wonderful, intelligent, caring doctor! I have been her patient for more than 25 years. She has done 5 major abdominal surgeries on me and the scar is barely visible (and I am 50)!

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