Several years ago I had a hurt right knee and was sent for physical therapy. My therapist, Elisa Gould, was wonderful. She realized I was toeing out when I walked and once I straightened out my gait, the pain/discomfort vanished. Three sessions was all that it took. Last fall I again had a hurt knee, only the left knee this time. Again I was sent to the physical therapy center, but I forgot that I had taken Elisa's card so I accepted the person they assigned me, one Brett Busson. Unlike Elisa, Brett was morally judgmental, questioning me about what kind of a job I had, and when I told him I was 72 years old and no longer worked, he told me that "other people my age worked." What business of it was his? Worse, he decided, in contract to the doctor's diagnosis of the knee problem, that my problem was in my back instead of my knee! He then proceeded to have me doing back and abdominal strengthening exercises such as the pelvic tilt, which put excruciating pressure on my knee! By the time I got home from the pummeling he put me through I was nauseated and ill. I fell into bed and slept for more than two hours, something I never do ordinarily. The only relief I ever got from Busson was when he put ice packs on the knee. I only went to him twice, and on the second visit he scolded me, as if I were a child!, for missing the other sessions. Frankly, I didn't even want to go back for a second session, but I'd been back to the orthopedic surgeon and complained about Busson to him, and he thought I'd be given exercises on a bike and other knee exercises. I got the idea he was going to contact Busson. Obviously he didn't, because when I went, I had to remind Busson to let me sit on a stationary bike for a while. Useless. Worse, I believe Busson's exercises actually worsened the condition in my knee. After more than two months of extreme discomfort verging on pain that required me to borrow a cane from a friend, when in fact I should have had CRUTCHES, which no one EVER offered to fit me with, the orthopedic surgeon sent me for an MRI. The ultimate diagnosis was torn cartiilege and a stress fracture on my tibia. I don't believe that's what I started out with, since the pain in my knee WORSENED over time. I will never allow that man to touch any part of my person again, needless to say. He's not only a dreadful physical therapist with an overabundance of attitude, I think he's just a dreadful human being. Awful. —Saralyn Fosnight