I just recieved a $400 bill from my northshore dr for lab tests. I was not informed of what test were going to be performed and had I know what tests were being done and the cost I would have said no!  How can a dr run tests on their patient and not even tell them?? Is going to the dr nowadays all about how much money they squeeze out of a patient!! I have been going to northshore dr's for over 15 years and this is unacceptable! 

I had something kind of similar happen. Called my NorthShore doctor for a HCG beta (blood pregnancy test), went in for what I thought was just a draw for that. Looked at the bill the next day and was shocked to see a bill for $607. Looked carefully at the lab and saw that my doctor had ordered a CBC, T4 Free, and TSH without telling me. The bill would have only come to $214 had it been just the pregnancy test, which was all I requested or consented to. Insurance paid for it all. 

I love my doctor and he's pledged to make sure to tell me about tests beforehand in the future, but had I been paying for this out of my own pocket, I probably would have contested the bill. 

If I were you, I would look into contesting the bill. The NorthShore Patient Rights and Responsibilities (http://www.northshore.org/UploadedFiles/PatientRights_English.pdf) say that you have the right to consent to and participate in your treatment. If you didn't consent to these tests, then you didn't consent to being billed. 

And from now on, whenever anyone wants blood, urine, or any other sample from you, be sure to ask what tests they're performing. If you go to one of the NorthShore blood labs, ask when you check in what tests they have orders for. You can then cancel any tests you don't want to do. My doctor ordered another CBC and TSH at my first OB appointment on February 4th, and I canceled them when I went to the lab because we had just done the other CBC and TSH on January 12th. I have to draw the line at testing for those things more than once a month. 

Thank you for bringing your concern to our attention.  With your feedback, Lab Services has begun a project to identify the best way to communicate testing with patients prior to rendering services.  As an active partner with you and your physician, it is our goal to provide the testing most important to your care as directed by your physician and/or physicians.  Additionally, we would encourage you to have a dialogue with your physician whenever any tests are ordered to ensure you are comfortable with their treatment plan.  Thank you, again, for your comments.

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