I have had decent results with Ambien (10MG) and also have one of those air purifiers in the room set on the low setting which gives a nice, soothing, ocean sound that I have found has helped me to fall asleep and stay asleep and go back to sleep if I wake up in the middle of the night as well.

Good luck and hope this helps some. As mentioned above, seeing a sleep therapist might be a good option if you have the availability in your area to a doctor or sleep center.

Hi!  I have the same problem and I have been seing Dr. Cathy Goldstein at Highland Park Hospital which is affiliated with Northshore Hospital.  She is very knowledgeable and she will do a study with you.  It sounds like you have Sleep Apnea.  Take care.

Hello everyone.  I just signed up here because I have been suffering from Insomnia for about 6 years now.  I have done a sleep study and they did not find anything.  All of my chemistry, according to my primary care dr, is good.  I am going to try some of the doctors in this post to see if they can help.  This has crippled my life, work and everything else.  I am glad to be able to participate in this posting.  Any other suggestions are very much welcomed!  Thank you!

there are natural sleep aids at walgrens.  try melatonim, it has worked for me. need to use for 2 weeks for it to be effective.  also bed bath beyond and other specialty stores have calming music.  also try magnesium pills.   

I suffered from RLS for 2 years and was treated with medication. The problem, if I didn't take my pills on time, it took forever to go to sleep.  after 2 weeks sleeping on a magnetic matress topper, I am completely free from RLS and medication.  If you want to try this natural therapy, contact me at 847-373-6540.  i have a loaner sleep system.   

Liz Mineh

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