Hi CBW, Thank you for your feedback and our apologies for your frustration. Can you please send further information to webmaster@northshore.org? This way we can be sure to have the issue resolved. Thanks again. 

Called several times and was put on hold for over 15 minutes.Thank goodness the doctors and nurses seem to care but the rest of the organization are bunch of automatons.

Hi jgolds, Sorry to hear about your recent experience. Could please provide more details to webmaster@northshore.org? We can then forward this information on to the appropriate department to address this issue and improve this service. Thank you for your feedback.

I received several phone calls to confirm my appointment.  Then, there was a message on my wife's phone that the appointment had been cancelled due to the anticipated snow storm of 4-6 inches.  Aside from the fact that this will be only a minor snowstorm, and I do not understand why the office would be closed, they did not communicate directly with me!  The need to reschedule an appointment made 3 weeks ago is very inconvienent, and I did schedule an appointment with a different doctor.

Hi. I have alot of bills i know i will be paying, but there is a problem some of them are the same and on the original say the service done and the other previous balance, but is an other bill, and some of the bills are paid but they are still on the bill list, don't know is just weird.

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