I am posting this here because there is nowhere on the letter I have just received which gives any option to reply to it.  This letter states, in part, "We have been notified by your health insurance company that they have paid the full liability for services on 08/08/2012.  You are now responsible for the balance on this account.  You will be receiving a statement of your account.  Please send payment in full.  Please contact our Customer Service Unit with any questions or to make arrangements to pay this bill."   There is no signature; it is an anonymous letter.  And note, these services occurred NINETEEN DAYS AGO and as the letter clearly states, they have not yet sent a bill.  Yet they are going to the trouble of sending out a letter which implies that I am somehow deadbeat for not paying a bill they haven't even sent.  This letter is offensive and insulting.  It is also a giant waste of everybody's time and energy, because it accomplishes nothing except infuriating me.  You don't need to send me a threatening letter about a bill I haven't even gotten yet.  You don't need to jump to conclusions and assume I am not going to pay it.  Why don't you just try sending the bill and see if I pay it?

Hi Jeaneva, Sorry to hear about your recent frustrations with a payment letter. If you could please email webmaster@northshore.org with more information, we will forward you feedback on to the appropriate department to help resolve the issue. Thank you.

I am shocked at the new bills that are being sent out by North Shore.  I received a bill that includes my medical information, my husband's medical information and my son's medical information.  I don't understand why North Shore has suddenly combined all family members into one bill.  I am sure that this is a violation of HIPAA since I do not have proxy privileges or POA for either my son or husband.  My son is 22 years old and does not want me to see his medical information. 

I was confused the first time that I received a bill for my husband.  I assumed that it was a mistake on the part of the billing department, but I was wrong.  This is the new billing system.  Because of this new system, I have been made aware of the services that both of them received, the dates of the services and the doctor who performed the services.  I have decided to file a HIPAA complaint with the OCR. 

Anyone else who does not want his or her personal health information to be known should be aware that this is happening. 

Thank you for reaching out about your billing concern. Per HIPAA regulations, NorthShore may send the minimum patient information necessary for payment purposes to the insurance company and the person identified as the financially responsible party or guarantor on the account. If you prefer not receive family billing, you can request separate statements at the time of registration/check-in or  by contacting our Customer Service

We appreciate your feedback and apologize for any confusion. If you have any further questions, please contact our Chief Privacy Officer at 847.982.4457.



Just called Dr. Bruce Noxon's office with a question about an EOB for a visit July 9th.  Was on hold for a very long time and was treated in a very brusque manner by the telephone receptionist when questioning the delay.  Informed that 30 days would be the normal wait time for insurance company to deny or pay a claim.  We are expected to pay the co-pay at time of visit and it would be nice that billing submit insurance claims in a timely fashion also.

Great Doctor!  Poor customer service/office staff!

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