Hello:  If you've conceived (naturally or with help) after age 40, I'd love to hear about your experience and what worked/didn't work for you. Or, if you;re trying and just want to vent, that's fine too!

I am 43 and trying to conceive . . . 

Hello i am over 40 and trying to concieve, it is really weird. this month I spotted on the 2nd but had no flow but spotted during my menstrual week.  I ovulated on Saturday the 15th.  I began spotting again yesterday and again today.  It goes from light pink to red back pink.  I dont know if it is implementation or not.  I pray that it is.  i am not due for my cycle until the end of the month.  But I do believe that it will happen, I know it in my heart.  I jus tread Nia Longs story she is over 40.  She said she prayed and didnt focus on the negatives of being over 40.  She is now in her third trimester.    

I hope it turned out well for you-- good luck, and thanks for the response.

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