So anyone else out there suffer from any of the various sleeping problems. I have been treated for quite some time for RLS/PLMD/Severe Insomnia. 

Hi chiianna

have you looked into the Sleep Center and go through with a sleep study and following up with a sleep physician?  You can look at the information for the sleep center on the northshore website  There also the Sleep Center that you can call at 847.663.8200.  I hope this information helps!

Agree with Buddy! I have Dr. Munson. He is very thorough, kind-hearted and helpful. You may have sleep apnea. It's worth the effort if your insurance will cover it!

Hi, I also have multiple sleep problems and have been very happy with the sleep center services and Excellent physician Dr. Bernstein.  And with sleep affecting our whole quality of life, proper treatment and follow-up are essential. 

After initial diagnosis and treatment, six months of disability were needed before I was able to work again.  Medication and a mouth sleep appliance were essential to my sleep quality and helping me to feel like a human being once again. 

Take care and stay in touch.

 HOPE THIS WORKS FOR SOME ONE LET ME KNOW IF IT DOES ?      Pzizz is a set of unique audio soundtracks that help you to nap during the day or get to sleep at night.

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