I noticed that there is no way to check online with the NSUHS pharmacies to see if Rx's are ready or to refill them

It seems that most of the other outside pharmacies had these functions years ago. The only way to check is to call

or go in person!

You're right. There is no other way to check other than calling or going in person. This is because the computer program that's in use is very old and dated (a ten year old DOS system). I can understand your frustration, and as a former pharmacy tech, believe me, it used to drive me nuts to not be able to see where a prescription was. All we can tell is if it was typed up and billed to the insurance. If it wasn't ready at the pick up window, we had to go and manually hunt for it. Until some money gets invested in a newer, faster system, unfortunately this is all we can work with.

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