My opthamologist has informed me I have cataracts.  My vision is not so bad yet, but not correctable, and getting to the point where I have trouble reading corner street signs (about 20/40 vision).  It is easy to learn about cataract surgery on the Web, but reports of outcome are hard to find. 

I don't want to undergo the surgery only to have no better vision afterwards.  Can anyone who has undergone surgery tell me how good was your resulting vision?  E.g., can you read street signs?  To watch a basketball game, how close do you have to sit to the TV?  Or anything else you can share.

My mom recently had cataract surgery (on 1 eye) and can't believe how great she can see out of that eye now and how quickly the recovery is.  She will have the other eye done sometime next year.

Both my mom and dad have had cataract surgery and both when they were in there 70's. Both have said they wished didn't wait as long as they had. Although my dad'd visision is back to where he would not need his glasses, he is so used to them, he had the lenses replaced with clear glass because he could not get used to not wearing them! Both also had the lenses replaced at the same time. I too have been told my cataracts need attention (I'm only 54 but due other issues have them) and althought my folks had a tremendous experience, I've been holding off. My guess is that early next year I will be having them as I really cannot drive at night any longer. In any case, good luck to you - I say go for it!

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