I am looking for a surgeon to do knee replacement which seems to be the next step for me.  I'm looking for the best, as does everyone!  I would like someone with plenty of experience with womens knees.  Any recommendations and can you share a bit about your experience.  Also,  if anyone knows of any last ditch effort/procedures/technologies to help me buy time and help relieve pain and restore strength and performance to my knees I would love to hear from you.


My wife had both knees replaced a little over a year ago. They were done at a month apart and were partial knee replacements. Rehab was done at home. The doctor was Dr. O'rourke from IBJ. Great guy, great personality, really cares. Good luck.

I had a left knee replacement about 5 years ago. Dr. Gregory Palutsis from IBJ did it. He's great. My rehab was a little tough because I have a tendency to heal with scar tissue. It slowed down the mobility, but with hard work, the healing progressed.

Dr. Palutsis managed to delay the need for surgery by about 2 years with Synvisc injections. That might buy you some time too.

Hi Wendy: I had knee replacement ten years ago when I was only 44. I knew it was coming and we actually made the drastic decision to move from our quad/split level type of house into a ranch house that acutally bought me about 5 years - not recommended in today's economy however. I also used IBJ (Dr. Pavlatos) and although my rehad was very difficult (I tend to develop adhesions and keloid scars), it was one of the best decisions I ever made. Ten years later I cstill golf, garden, walk, etc and have no problems with the joint. My entire joint was replaced but given the advances in this surgery my my guess would be that for the other knee (yes, that also have to be done in the future) I would only require partial. I say go for it. It took me about six months to say it was a great decision but it was a great decision for me. PS - now that I'm 54 I can also say that I really love my ranch house! Good luck.

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