What is a Brain MRI?

A specialized, computer guided procedure which combines the use of a magnetic field and radio waves to produce detailed pictures of the head and brain.  

Currently MRI is the most sensitive imaging test of the head, particularly the brain, in routine clinical practice. 

What to expect?

The procedure usually takes 30 to 60 minutes. Sometimes an injection of dye is given to help see the blood vessels and finer structures of the brain. 

What are some of the common uses? 

MRI scanning of the brain is typically used to detect:     

  • Brain tumors 
  • Developmental anomalies of the brain
  • Vascular anomalies of the head
  • Disorders of the eye and the inner ear
  • Disease in the pituitary gland 
  • Certain chronic disorders of the central nervous system, such as multiple sclerosis 
  • Guide the planning of surgery or radiation therapy of the brain

What to do?

There is no preparation necessary for this test except the removal of all metal (ie: jewelry, watches, glasses, etc.).  You will be asked to fill out a screening form before the test to assure your safety. 

Note: Patients with pacemakers and certain other implants are not eligible for this exam. 

How will I learn the results? 

A neuroradiologist will review and analyze the images and send a signed report to your primary care or referring physician, who will discuss the results with you. 

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