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Medical Evaluation

At NorthShore, we recognize that not all poison-related cases are the same. Depending on your exposure and the expertise required, evaluations and screenings will be adapted to best meet your needs.

Our comprehensive medical evaluations are offered to patients and organizations and include general and collaborative evaluations.

General Evaluations

Patient consultations
Medical evaluations for patients can involve interpreting test results, providing treatment recommendations and determining next steps in employment-related cases. Medical evaluations for patients include a physical exam and complete medical history analysis. Our team most frequently performs medical evaluations for:

  • Interpretation of blood and urine test results
  • Drug interactions (both prescribed and non-prescribed)
  • Fitness for duty involving a medical review officer for a drug-related impairment
  • Disability due to toxic exposures
  • Independent medical examinations

Organization consultations
Our Medical Toxicology team at NorthShore also offers independent medical consultations for organizations, which involves in-depth research, investigation and analysis. We partner with your team to determine the best approach for your requested evaluation. Some of our most common cases include:

  • Drug / chemical interactions
  • Drug, product and medicine evaluations
  • Post marketing surveillance assessments

Collaborative Evaluations

At NorthShore, depending on your exposure and the expertise necessary for treatment, we collaborate with other physicians and clinical staff. Cases involving encephalopathy, hepatitis, neuropathy, dermatitis or cardiomyopathy of an unknown cause often require collaborative care options.

By partnering with caregivers from other departments, our patients benefit from multidisciplinary expertise and enhanced treatment options. Along with your medical toxicologist, your care team may also include your dermatologist, cardiologist, neurologist and primary care physician.

Prior to your visit, please feel free to download and complete the Health History form and Authorization for Disclosure of Confidential Information. To schedule a medical evaluation, contact Julie Licata at 847.657.1700.