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Forensic Evaluation Services

Our Medical Toxicology team at NorthShore offers a variety of forensic evaluation services and health hazard evaluations, including:

Medical Record Review

NorthShore offers cost-effective, independent medical record review services to both patients and organizations. These services include, but are not limited to: chart, imaging, disability, medication and investigational review and assessment.

Our team understands the sensitive nature of patient-related documents and we adhere to all security and HIPAA regulations and protocols.

Workplace Exposures

Exposure to hazardous materials, chemical spills and heavy metals at the workplace often require outside evaluation for workers’ compensation, medical treatment and safety requirements.

At NorthShore, we work with patients, teams and organizations to provide timely recommendations for promoting safety standards and procedures at the workplace. We will determine the safety risks involved with the exposure and work with you to reduce the possibility of future exposures.

Medical Examiner / Coroner Consultations

Our Medical Toxicology staff partners with medical examiners, coroners and legal teams to help identify and evaluate exposures to poisons and toxins that result in impairment, illness or death.

We provide timely, unbiased and confidential evaluations and assessments.

Product Label Evaluations

At NorthShore, we will review product labels to make sure they are compliant with all necessary Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) regulations and rules before going to market. We also provide Health Hazard Evaluations regarding worst case clinical scenarios for industry-related issues.

We will work in partnership with your product team to ensure timely turnaround on all evaluations.  We have experience evaluating supplement, food, drug and cosmetic labels.

Product Tampering Evaluations

Product tampering can severely impact your health and your business. In order to reduce product contamination, it is important to evaluate the complete product lifecycle and identify key break points where tampering can be made possible. Contaminants can be introduced to a product at varying stages—during processing, packaging, storage, distribution and purchase.

On a case by case basis, our team can evaluate the risk of poison contamination from tampered products. This evaluation typically involves a visit to your manufacturing site to evaluate, review and identify any operational steps that may lead to tampered goods. We will also work with retail and wholesale stores to determine the cause of tampered products.

Limited Risk Assessment

Our team provides limited risk assessment of poisons to both patients and organizations. This assessment begins with a thorough investigation and research of the poison or toxin in question.

From there, our team will conduct a detailed analysis of the poison’s potential source, dose amount, reaction and any health risks associated with the exposure. We will then provide recommendations based on our findings.

For more information about our forensic evaluation services, contact Julie Licata at 847.657.1700.