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Poison Prevention

We are all at risk of being exposed to poisons and toxins—whether at home, outdoors or in the office. For this reason, it is very important to follow the appropriate directions and warnings to ensure proper prevention.

Simple steps, such as being mindful of your surroundings, carefully reading product labels, properly discarding expired prescriptions and limiting your contact to poisonous substances can all dramatically reduce your chance of exposure.

NorthShore offers educational opportunities, access to important resources and health hazard evaluations to help prevent exposures to poisons and toxins for patients and organizations.

Poison Prevention

Exposure and Treatment

Exposure to poisons and toxins can occur in many ways—intentionally or accidentally—by swallowing, touching and breathing in the substance.  Common exposures include food poisoning, prescription drug overdose, drug interactions, venomous insect and animal bites, poison ivy, hazardous materials and household products.

Exposures can be serious and immediate action should be taken. If you or someone you know has recently been exposed to poison, you should call your local Poison Center immediately at 1.800.222.1222.

At NorthShore, our collaborative team partners with patients and organizations to best determine the type of exposure and preferred treatment methods.

Exposure & Treatment

Medical Evaluations

Our multidisciplinary team works to identify the best evaluation and treatment approach for ensuring successful outcomes. Medical evaluations typically include standard blood and urine interpretations; employment-based evaluations; and post marketing surveillance assessments.

Depending on your exposure and the expertise necessary for treatment, we collaborate with other physicians and clinical staff. Your care team—along with your medical toxicologist—may include your allergist, dermatologist, neurologist and primary care physician.

Medical Evaluation

Forensic Evaluations

Medical Toxicology at NorthShore provides a variety of forensic evaluations and consultative services often necessary for legal proceedings.

We work with organizations and our patients to provide comprehensive, unbiased analysis of relevant evidence and specimens. This analysis often involves assessing evidence, detecting poisons and toxins, interpreting and reporting on findings, assisting medical examiners and legal teams.

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Forensic Evaluations