At NorthShore University HealthSystem, we understand that sleep is paramount to overall good health. In fact, sleep disorders in adults can lead to more serious and chronic health conditions, including hypertension, stroke and heart disease. Additionally, poor sleep can impair function at work, impact family relationships and engagement in social activities, and affect overall quality of life. In children, sleep disorders can lead to behavior and/or academic problems as well as mood disturbances.

That’s why our multidisciplinary Sleep Center has been built to offer state-of-the-art, comprehensive care for patients suffering from any of a variety of sleep disorders. These may include sleep apnea, restless legs syndrome, night terrors, snoring, insomnia and narcolepsy. Our sleep specialists include neurologists and pulmonologists. At the NorthShore Sleep Center,we also offer referrals to dentists, psychologists and ear, nose and throat specialists for patients who require further management of their sleep disorders.

Dedicated to compassionate and successful treatment of sleep disorders, our certified sleep specialists offer the highest level of care, backed by the latest technology and advanced diagnostics. And to provide patients better access, the full range of care for sleep disorders is available at multiple outpatient sites. We also offer two conveniently located sleep center facilities. 

For More Information

Please visit our comprehensive Sleep Center website. For more information on sleep disorders or to schedule an appointment or sleep study with one of our specialists, please call our main office number at 877.570.7020.