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Therapeutic Lifestyles Programs

Healthy Transformation Program

This program is run two times a year in late winter and fall. Annually it moves to a different hospital site, Evanston Hospital, Glenbrook Hospital, Skokie Hospital, and Highland Park Hospital to reach not only area patients but our employees as well.

Average weight loss is 15-20 pounds in the 12-week program; participants have lost up to 108 pounds! Healthy Transformation focuses no only on weight loss, but how to transition to living a healthy lifestyle through habit changes.

Following an anti-inflammatory Mediterranean Diet is considered the healthiest for brain, heart and cellular health. Eating healthy fats is satisfying.

Physicians present on topics of Functional Medicine, Sleep, Stress, and the Healthy Gut. Nutrition and Exercise are discussed weekly including group discussion. 

What participants have said:

  • "It worked! Easier to follow than any other program I've tried." DW
  • Kit was ALL inclusive. Loved physician speakers. Program clearly structured." CW
  • "I felt like it cleansed my system and jump-started a new, healthier lifestyle for me. It is possible to live without sugar." LO
  • "I've learned it IS possible to lose weight - when one has struggled for many years without success." WJ
  • "I could actually feel full on salad, chicken, and almonds - love being off the carbs." CD


For More Information
Contact Paulette Brody, RN, CMES, CPT, CLE; Program Director and Certified Lifestyle Educator at 847.657.3510 or download our brochure.

First Line Therapy One-on-one Program

Leading a healthy life starts with making healthier lifestyle choices. As part of our Therapeutic Lifestyles Program, we work with our patients to help implement highly-tailored therapies in an effort to enhance the quality of life and minimize the causes and symptoms of chronic illnesses.

There are many chronic illnesses—heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and osteoporosis—that may be prevented and treated by employing the methods used as part of this program.  Patients with disorders relating to stress and fatigue, menopause and weight management can also benefit from this unique therapeutic approach.

Getting started is easy. The first step involves meeting with one of our specialists to assess your current health, review your medical history and discuss goals. During this consultation, we will measure your muscle-to-fat ratio in order to build a customized approach for your needs. Our Therapeutic Lifestyles program focuses on treating the whole person. Your plan will consist of recommendations for:

  • Meal planning emphasizing low-glycemic food choices
  • Regular exercise
  • Stress management
  • Nutritional supplements and products