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Service Values

NorthShore University HealthSystem is committed to earning the loyalty of those who come to us for care and those who play a role in providing that care. The Service Values define the behaviors that each of us at NorthShore demonstrate in person, on the phone, or through email with co-workers, patients and families, physicians and visitors. Our values include exceptional customer service, supportive workplace interactions and a professional work ethic.

Exceptional Customer Service

Focus on Empathy, Communication, and Attitude

  • Demonstrate a genuine sense of caring about the well-being and feelings of others
  • Follow-through on commitments to customers, those you make and those stated in NorthShore policies
  • Demonstrate sensitivity to those who are sick, scared, vulnerable and/or under time pressure
  • Remain professional, calm and appropriate with customers, even in stressful situations
  • Listen patiently and without interruptions, to fully understand the thoughts of others
  • Understand the expectations of customers and your responsibility in meeting them
  • Use service recovery behaviors: offer appropriate apologies, explanations and resolutions
  • Address customers by their formal name (Mr., Ms., Mrs.) at least once during an interaction
  • Make eye contact with customers to demonstrate courtesy and attentiveness
  • Maintain patient confidentiality in verbal, written and electronic communication

Supportive Workplace Interactions

Focus on Teamwork, Positive Outlook

  • Work cooperatively, as a positive contributor to the “team”
  • Demonstrate a positive attitude in all workplace interactions
  • Communicate in a manner that gains the trust and support of others at all levels
  • Apply information about people, situations and processes before making judgments
  • Follow established processes, protocols and workflows
  • Respond positively and willingly to customer requests for assistance
  • Work effectively with others despite differences of opinion and style
  • Accept both positive and negative feedback as opportunities for improvement
  • Keep your work environment clean and presentable

Professional Work Ethic

Focus on Professionalism, Initiative, Flexibility and Multi-tasking

  • Reflect a sense of personal and ethical accountability for the work you do
  • Demonstrate understanding that you represent NorthShore and Endeavor Health Medical Group to each customer
  • Take initiative to resolve problems and meet customer requests
  • Be flexible, and embrace change with a “can do attitude”
  • Demonstrate reliability in attendance and punctuality 
  • Demonstrate reliability to complete duties in a professional, timely and accurate manner 
  • Be results-oriented; prioritize time to work on what is important