Multidisciplinary Care is Key to Successful Treatment

NorthShore University HealthSystem physicians and the team at the Kellogg Cancer Center work collaboratively and are dedicated to putting patients and families at the center of a healthcare experience that delivers compassionate, high-quality care.

Every week, our multidisciplinary team meets for a multidisciplinary conference, to discuss each patient’s case in detail and to design a customized treatment plan. This meeting of the minds provides each patient with an individualized care plan to create the path for the most optimal outcome. Our approach emphasizes open communication, collaborating with each other personally and through one of the most advanced electronic medical records systems in the country.

Contributors to your multidisciplinary team include:

Open and consistent communication amongst physicians, and with their patients, is a priority at the Center for Breast Health, particularly because an individual’s treatment will entail meeting with various physicians from different disciplines.  Throughout the course of your care for cancer at NorthShore, you may interact with several oncology specialists, including:

  • Medical oncologists, physicians who specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. These specialists may use a wide range of interventions, including chemotherapy, hormone therapy, and immunotherapy to treat cancer and associated conditions.
  • Radiation oncologists, who are physicians who specialize in the use of radiation therapy for patients with cancer. 
  • Surgical oncologists, who are physicians specifically trained in the surgical treatment of cancer.

Your physician will discuss your treatment options thoroughly, making certain you are comfortable with treatment plan decisions and know what to expect.

Nursing Staff 

  • Our nursing staff consists of registered nurses who have been nationally certified by the Oncology Nursing Certification Corporation, assuring you of expert care in the treatment of your disease.
  • One nurse will coordinate your care. Your primary nurse will take your history, teach you about your disease and treatment, assess any treatment side effects as well as the impact the illness my have on your family.
  • Our primary nursing system encourages a one-on-one relationship between the patient and nurse and helps ensure that you receive the best care possible. Your primary nurse is a resource to contact if you have any questions.

Oncology Pharmacy
Specially trained oncology pharmacists are members of our collaborative practice, available to prepare drugs that treat cancer, as well as those that minimize the side effects of the treatment. The pharmacists can also provide you with information about your drugs, their side effects and costs.

Cancer and its treatment can often impact your nutritional requirements.  Our team includes a nutritionist who is available to address the dietary concerns of people undergoing treatment for cancer.

Oral Health Assessment
While being treated with certain chemotherapy drugs and/or radiation treatments, you may experience side effects that involve different areas of the mouth and mucous membranes. Our team includes dental professionals who evaluate and help treat patients. They can work with your dentist to provide care designed to minimize complications and infections.

Psychosocial Oncology
At the Kellogg Cancer Center, our staff tries to meet the needs of each patient by offering a variety of services. The Psychosocial Program offers an extensive array of psychosocial support services provided by clinical psychologists and social workers, post-doctoral fellows in psychology. Together they address everything from practical matters to the hopes, fears and other concerns shared by patients and their loved ones. These services include:

  • Psychotherapy
  • Crisis intervention
  • Referral of patients and families to community resources
  • Assistance with financial matters

Spiritual Care and Music Therapy
Chaplains are available to offer emotional support and spiritual counsel to you and your loved ones.

Our genetics counselors are a part of our services and can provide an extensive evaluation of your personal and family medical history, risk assessment, relevant genetic testing if desired.

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