Clinical Research Support System, Clinical Research Center (CRC) and Clinical Trials Center (CTC) Services 

The University of Chicago Institute for Translational Medicine and The NorthShore University HealthSystem Research Institute have combined forces to facilitate collaborative research between our institutions and provide multiple venues to maximize access to subjects from diverse backgrounds. These cooperative facilities will allow the most advanced clinical research studies to be performed at both institutions, Hyde Park (UC ITM) and Evanston (NorthShore RI). The combined experience of 50 consecutive years of NIH funding dedicated to ground breaking, investigator initiated studies at the Clinical Resource Center (CRC-Chicago) and more than 100 years of clinical research at CRC-NorthShore consolidate “best practices” to offer investigators and their subjects significantly improved research opportunities.

The NorthShore University HealthSystem Research Institute’s Clinical Trials Center (CTC) exists to provide clinical trial infrastructure, to benefit investigators in multiple disciplines. The CTC is located in Suite 3505 of the Charles R. Walgreen, Jr. Building at Evanston Hospital and its mission is to elevate the quality, quantity and visibility of clinical trials. This is achieved by training investigators and staff at all levels of experience as well as assistance in responding to the regulatory and budgetary requirements of clinical trials.

The CRC and CTC operate under a fee-for-service model that supports growth and investment in clinical and translational research. While cost recovery is an essential component of successful operations, our cost recovery system reflects a national shift in how human subject research is supported and is designed to sustain and ultimately expand our services. The research administration team based in the Clinical Trial Center will work with investigators to develop appropriate study budgets and protocols for grants and industry supported studies.

The CRC and the CTC have been developed as part of a clinical research support system to facilitate the development of an integrated, nationally recognized center of excellence in clinical trial research. 

Services of the Clinical Research Center

Administration: The CTC Directors and administrative staff manage the operations of the CRC including oversight of finances, billing and the process for applying for use of the CRC. In addition, scheduling of rooms/subjects, ensuring appropriateness of environment and other CRC requirements are the responsibility of the administrative staff of the CTC.

Nursing: The CRC is staffed by a professional research nurse who has specific expertise in clinical research involving diverse study populations. In addition, investigators are able to utilize their clinical staff for procedures being performed within the CRC. Investigators are encouraged to confer with CTC’s administrative staff to ensure the most appropriate use of the CRC research nurse as well as that of the investigator’s clinical staff.

Research Coordination: The CRC research nurse is available for research coordination services for investigators who may not have a dedicated research coordinator, or for investigators who may need coordination assistance to allow for an additional trial(s).

Laboratory: Routine sample collection, processing and storage are available within the CRC and the CTC. Please contact the CTC’s administrative staff for more information on these services.

Facilities, Equipment and Services

The following facilities, equipment and services are available in the CRC: 


  • Three clinical examination rooms and an invasive procedure room are available. Each are equipped to meet specific clinical needs:
    Overnight capability
    Infusion and continuous observation
    Short-term examination and phlebotomy 
  • Interview room equipped with table and chairs (CTC) 
  • Small specimen processing area equipped with refrigerated centrifuge and refrigerator 
  • Specimen storage room equipped with a -80 freezer 

Other Equipment: 

  • Automated vital signs monitor 
  • Intravenous infusion pumps 


  • Research clinical space 
  • Research Coordination 
  • Research nurse services 
  • Phlebotomy 
  • Infusion studies 
  • Extended evaluations 
  • Specimen processing laboratory services 
  • Short-term specimen storage 
  • Packaging of specimens for shipment 

Other services that are not listed may be available. CTC administrative staff assist research teams to obtain needed research services. 

Services of the Clinical Trial Center

The CTC provides investigators many services which may not be available within the investigator’s clinical area. The following facilities and services are available at the CTC: 

  • HIPAA compliant consultation room 
  • Training for investigators and staff 
  • Administrative assistance to support clinical trials
    Investigator initiated
    Externally funded
    Study start-up services 
  • Compilation and preparation of Pre-Award documentation 
  • Clinical Trial regulatory preparation and follow-up 
  • Clinical Trial budget preparation 
  • Clinical Trial cost analysis 
  • Medicare cost analysis 

Other Services

Biostatistics: Our research community includes a clinical research biostatistician available for consultation and for the development of future studies. Consultation topics may include assistance with study design, analytical approaches, power calculations and database construction. There is no cost for this service. The Research Institute also maintains a listing of statistician consultants from local universities who are available on a per hour basis.