The first step to finding out if laser vision correction is right for you and where you should have it done is a complimentary consultation appointment. At the Eye and Vision Center your vision will be assessed and you will meet with the surgeon personally to discuss your expectations. You will find out if you are a good candidate and treatment options will be discussed with you so that you will be able to make an informed decision.

Preoperative Testing 

The decision has been made - you want to have laser vision correction. Before the actual procedure very precise measurements need to be taken of your eyes. Preoperative testing is performed on a day other than the day of your actual procedure. Preoperative testing takes approximately 1 ½ hours. Your eyes will be dilated at this appointment so your eyes may be sensitive to light. We recommend that you bring sunglasses with you for this appointment.

Contact lens wearers need to discontinue their contact lenses prior to preoperative testing to assure the accuracy of the measurements. If you wear soft contact lenses you need to discontinue them for 2 weeks prior to preoperative testing. If you wear rigid (hard or gas permeable) contact lenses you need to discontinue them for 3 weeks prior to preoperative testing. 

Patient Education 

View our patient education video prior to your LASIK procedure.  Ask your physician for an access code to get started.