After your procedure you will notice your vision is clearer, however it will appear hazy like "looking through saran wrap", this is normal for the first 12 to 24 hours following your procedure. You will go home with a postoperative kit that will contain eye drops, protective eye shields, solar glasses to help get you home if the sun is bright and postoperative instructions. We recommend that you go home and sleep for a few hours, usually this is easy since you have taken Valium which is a mild sedative. You will use two different prescription eye drops 4 times a day in addition to artificial tears to keep your eyes lubricated. You will also need to wear protective eye shields at bedtime for three nights.

Do's and Don'ts following your procedure:

  • DO NOT RUB YOUR EYE(S). This is very important to allow the eye(s) to heal safely.
  • Do not wear makeup for one (1) full week.
  • Use all of your prescribed eye drops as directed.
  • Do not swim or use saunas or hot tubs for 2 full weeks following your procedure.
  • Do be careful of your eye(s) when taking a shower. Keep your eye(s) closed when the water runs over your face, and avoid any hard scrubbing.
  • Do not get hit in the eye. Avoid situations that put you at risk for getting hit in the eye(s).

Postoperative Care is critical to a patient's visual outcome and the recommended postoperative follow up is:

  • One Day. The morning after your procedure, this is the most important follow up visit.
  • One Week
  • One to Three Months
  • Three to Six Months
  • Twelve Months

At the Eye and Vision Center the surgeon provides all postoperative care. Postoperative care is not delegated to other eye care professionals. It is critical to a patient's visual outcome that any postoperative complication be diagnosed and treated rapidly to prevent any permanent visual damage. This care is a significant reason for the differences in cost associated with your procedure.