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Self Help Clearinghouse

This information is provided as a resource and does not constitute an endorsement for any group. It is the responsibility of the reader to decide whether a group is appropriate for his/her needs. For evidence-based information on diseases, conditions, symptoms, treatment and wellness issues, continue searching this site.

American Childhood Cancer Organization

International. Founded 1970. Support for parents of children and adolescents with cancer, their families, adult survivors of childhood cancer and the professionals working with them. Links parents, families and groups. Provides free educational resource materials and advocates on behalf of childhood cancer.
American Childhood Cancer Org.
P.O. Box 498
Kensington, MD 20895-0498
Voice: 1-855-858-2226 or 301-962-3520
Fax: 301-962-3521
Website: http://www.acco.org
E-Mail: staff@acco.org
Verified: 3/12/2014

Patient Advocates for Advanced Cancer Treatments (Prostate)

International. Founded 1984. Provides support and advocacy for prostate cancer patients, their families and the general public at risk. Information relative to the advancements in the detection, diagnosis, evaluation and treatment of prostate cancer. Information, referrals, phone help, conferences and quarterly newsletter. For local support groups or help in starting a local group call them.
1143 Parmelee Ave. NW
Grand Rapids, MI 49504
Voice: 616-453-1477
Fax: 616-453-1846
Website: http://www.paactusa.org
E-Mail: paact@paactusa.org
Verified: 2/12/2014

Us TOO International, Inc.

International. 300 affiliated groups. Founded 1990. Offers support and education men and their families through fellowship and peer counseling. Timely, personalized, unbiased and reliable information about prostate cancer. Monthly newsletter distributed through support groups and also on website.
Us TOO International, Inc.
2720 S. River Rd., Ste 112
Des Plaines, IL 60018
Voice: 1-800-808-7866 or 630-795-1002
Fax: 630-795-1602
Website: http://www.ustoo.org
E-Mail: ustoo@ustoo.org
Verified: 2/19/2014

AABCA (African American Breast Cancer Alliance)

Model. 1 group in Minnesota. Founded 1990. Support, education and advocacy for black women and men with breast cancer and their families. Provides information and referrals, education, and a support group for patients and survivors to discuss issues and concerns. Open to anyone interested in supporting and working with this grass-roots organization.
P.O. Box 8981
Minneapolis, MN 55408
Voice: 612-825-3675
Fax: 612-827-2977
Website: http://www.aabcainc.org
E-Mail: aabca@aabcainc.org
Verified: 2/19/2014

Support for People with Oral and Head and Neck Cancer (SPOHNC)

International. 100+ support groups. Founded 1991. Patient-directed support program offering information, encouragement, support, acceptance and self-expression for persons with oral, head and neck cancer. National Survivor Volunteer Network offering one-on-one support, phone support, educational programs and publications. Assistance in starting groups. Membership dues $25 (includes 8 newsletters).
P.O. Box 53
Locust Valley, NY 11560-0553
Voice: 1-800-377-0928
Fax: 516-671-8794
Website: http://www.spohnc.org
E-Mail: info@spohnc.org
Verified: 3/12/2014

Kidney Cancer Association

International. Founded 1990. Provides information about kidney cancer to patients and doctors. Sponsors research and advocates on behalf of patients. E-newsletter, literature, conferences, information and referrals.
Kidney Cancer Association
PO Box 4668 #38269
New York, NY 10163-4668
Voice: 1-800-850-9132 or 847-332-1051
Fax: 847-332-2978
Website: http://www.kidneycancer.org
E-Mail: office@kidneycancer.org
Verified: 2/19/2014

Sisters Network Inc.

National. Over 43 affiliate chapters. Founded 1994. African American breast cancer survivorship organization that promotes the importance of breast health by empowering women through support, education, providing financial assistance and promoting early detection through mammography screenings.
Sisters Network Inc.
2922 Rosedale St.
Houston, TX 77004
Voice: 1-866-781-1808 or 713-781-0255
Fax: 713-780-8998
Website: http://www.sistersnetworkinc.org
E-Mail: infonet@sistersnetworkinc.org
Verified: 3/12/2014

People Living Through Cancer

Model. 35 groups in New Mexico. Founded 1983. Helps cancer survivors and their loved ones make informed choices and improve the quality of life by sharing in a community of people who have 'been there.' Newsletter, information and referrals, support groups and advocacy. Conducts national training for American Indians and Alaskan natives who are interested in developing cancer survivorship programs based on a grassroots program serving Pueblo Indians.
People Living Through Cancer
3411 Candelaria NE, Ste. M
Albuquerque, NM 87107
Voice: 505-242-3263
Fax: 505-242-6756
Website: http://www.pltc.org
E-Mail: info@pltc.org
Verified: 2/19/2014

Cancer Care, Inc.

National. Founded 1944. Support for cancer patients and their families. Financial assistance, information and referrals, community and professional education. On-going telephone, online and in-person support groups. Free counseling.
Cancer Care, Inc.
275 Seventh Ave.
New York, NY 10001
Voice: 1-800-813-4673
Fax: 212-719-0263
Website: http://www.cancercare.org
E-Mail: info@cancercare.org
Verified: 2/27/2014

Mothers Supporting Daughters with Breast Cancer

Model. Founded 1995. Offers emotional support to the mothers of daughters newly diagnosed with breast cancer to help them to be better 'care partners' to their daughters. Helps mothers cope with stress, learn about breast cancer treatment and promote breast cancer awareness. Literature, advocacy and phone support.
25235 Foxchase Dr.
Chestertown, MD 21620
Voice: 410-778-1982
Fax: 410-778-1411
Website: http://www.mothersdaughters.org
E-Mail: msdbc@verizon.net
Verified: 2/19/2014

International Myeloma Foundation (IMF)

International network. 100+ groups in the US. Founded 1990. Mission is to improve the quality of life of myeloma patients while working toward a prevention and a cure. Educational and supportive programs, information packets, phone support and newsletter. Networks patients together for mutual support. Referrals to self-help groups nationwide. Guidelines offered to assist those interested in starting a group.
International Myeloma Foundation
12650 Riverside Dr., Ste. 206
North Hollywood, CA 91607
Voice: 818-487-7455 or 1-800-452-2873
Fax: 818-487-7454
Website: http://www.myeloma.org
E-Mail: theimf@myeloma.org
Verified: 3/12/2014

Lymphoma Research Foundation

National. 18 chapters. Founded 1991. Devoted exclusively to funding lymphoma research and providing patients and healthcare professionals with critical information on the disease. Provides information and emotional support for lymphoma patients and their families. Offers free educational materials, lymphoma helpline, national buddy program, quarterly newsletter, annual patient educational forum and local seminars. Fundraises for research. Advocacy. Some materials available in Spanish and Chinese.
Lymphoma Research Foundation
115 Broadway, Ste 1301
New York, NY 10006
Voice: 212-349-2910 or 1-800-500-9976
Fax: 212-349-2886
Website: http://www.lymphoma.org
E-Mail: lrf@lymphoma.org
Verified: 3/12/2014

Kids Konnected

National. 17 affiliated groups. Founded 1993. Opportunity for children who have a parent with cancer to connect with other children in similar situations for support and understanding. Groups are headed by youth leaders and co-facilitated by professionals. Youth Leadership program, monthly meetings, newsletter, summer camps, information and referrals.
Voice: 1-800-899-2866 or 949-582-5443 (24 hr.)
Website: http://www.kidskonnected.org
E-Mail: info@kidskonnected.org
Verified: 3/12/2014

FORCE (Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered)

National. Founded 1999. Support and education for women whose family history and genetic status put them at high risk of getting ovarian or breast cancer. Open to family members. Provides resources for women to determine if they are at high risk. Forums, chats, bulletin boards, member profiles and phone support network.
16057 Tampa Palms Blvd. W, PMB#373
Tampa, FL 33647
Voice: 1-866-288-7475
Website: http://www.facingourrisk.org
E-Mail: info@facingourrisk.org
Verified: 3/4/2014

Intestinal Multiple Polyposis and Colorectal Cancer (IMPACC)

National network. Founded 1986. Support network to help patients and families dealing with familial polyposis and hereditary colon cancer. Provides information and referrals, encourages research, educates professionals and public. Phone support network, correspondence and literature.
c/o Ann Fagan
P.O. Box 11
Conyngham, PA 18219
Voice: 570-788-1818 (day) or 570-788-3712 (eve.) Ann Fagan
Fax: 570-788-4046
E-Mail: pjfagan@epix.net
Verified: 2/19/2014

SHARE: Self-Help for Women with Breast or Ovarian Cancer

(BILINGUAL) Model. Founded 1976. Provides support to women with breast or ovarian cancer, their families and friends. Support groups led by trained survivors. Cutting edge educational forums and advocacy activities held throughout the five boroughs of New York City.
1501 Broadway, Suite 704A
New York, NY 10036
Voice: 1-866-891-2392; Breast Cancer Helpline: 212-382-2111; Ovarian Helpline: 212-719-1204; Latina Helpline Spanish: 212-719-4454; New York State Ovarian Helpline (toll-free) 1-866-537-4273
Website: http://www.sharecancersupport.org
Verified: 3/5/2014

Hope for Two...The Pregnant with Cancer Network

International. Founded 1997. Created by three women who were diagnosed with cancer while pregnant. Mission is to let women know that they are not alone in their facing their cancer diagnosis while pregnant. Connects women who are currently pregnant with cancer with other women who have experienced a similar cancer diagnosis. Newsletter.
Hope for Two...The Pregnant With Cancer Network
P.O. Box 253
Amherst, NY 14226
Voice: 1-800-743-4471
Website: http://www.hopefortwo.org
E-Mail: info@hopefortwo.org
Verified: 2/19/2014

ThyCa: Thyroid Cancer Survivors' Association, Inc.

National. Support, education and communication for people with all types of thyroid cancer, as well as caregivers. Outreach to the public for thyroid cancer awareness and early detection. Twelve online support groups, local support groups, free online newsletter, free downloadable low-iodine cookbook, free patient information booklet and packet, free regional workshops, free webinars, annual international conference and free thyroid cancer awareness brochures. Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month, funding for research and educational website.
ThyCa: Thyroid Cancer Survivors' Association, Inc.
P.O. Box 1545
New York, NY 10159-1545
Voice: 1-877-588-7904
Fax: 630-604-6078
Website: http://www.thyca.org
E-Mail: thyca@thyca.org
Verified: 2/27/2014

Group Loop

Online. 1800+ members. Support for teens with cancer and their parents. Weekly scheduled online support groups with professionals, discussion boards, resources, information and news about many types of cancers and their affect on teens.
Website: http://www.grouploop.org
Verified: 3/5/2014

Lung Cancer Alliance

National. Support and advocacy to those living with, or at risk for, lung cancer. Support services include toll-free information line, packets of lung cancer information, telephone support group, a peer-to-peer matching program, clinical trial matching service and listing of lung cancer support groups across the United States and an online community support.
Lung Cancer Alliance
888 16th St. NW, Ste.150
Washington, DC 20006
Voice: 1-800-298-2436
Verified: 3/5/2014

Carcinoid Cancer Foundation

National. Founded 1968. Provides support, information and educational materials to patients, caregivers and medical professionals dealing with carcinoid cancer and related neuroendocrine tumors. Support groups located throughout the United States. Online support groups, e-mail and toll-free telephone support available. Conducts conferences, supports research and maintains a carcinoid and neuroendocrine tumor database.
Carcinoid Cancer Foundation
333 Mamaroneck Ave., Suite 492
White Plains, NY 10605
Voice: 1-888-722-3132 or 914-683-1001
Website: http://www.carcinoid.org
E-Mail: carcinoid@optonline.net
Verified: 3/12/2014

Young Survival Coalition

International. Founded 1998. Support and education for young women (age 40 and under) living with a diagnosis of breast cancer. Addresses the concerns and issues that are unique to young women and breast cancer (such as higher mortality rates, fertility issues and early menopause). Information, resources, advocacy, one-to-one Point of Contact Program and online support forums.
Young Survival Coalition
80 Broad St., Ste 1700
New York, NY 10004
Voice: 1-877-972-1011 or 646-257-3000
Fax: 646-257-3030
Website: http://www.youngsurvival.org
E-Mail: info@youngsurvival.org
Verified: 2/19/2014

National Cervical Cancer Coalition

International. Founded 1998. 4500+ members. Provides on-going support system for women, family members and friends facing issues related to cervical cancer, HPV and other HPV cancers. Offers phone pal system matching women together for support, online moderated message board, newsletter, annual conferences, information and referrals. How-to materials on starting a local NCCC chapter available.
National Cervical Cancer Coalition
PO Box 13827
Research Triangle Park, NC 27709
Voice: 1-800-685-5531
Fax: 919-361-8425
Website: http://www.nccc-online.org
E-Mail: nccc@ashastd.org
Verified: 2/19/2014

ACOR (Association of Cancer Online Resources)

Online. Click on 'Mailing Lists' for over 150 e-mail support groups where patients, caregivers and survivors share their experiences with many different cancers: lung, colon, pancreatic, melanoma, endometrial, esophageal, leiomyosarcoma, male breast, metastatic, myeloproliferative disorders, mycosis fungoides, various sarcomas, stomach, testicular, thyroid, pediatric, retinoblastoma, etc., as well as possible related issues such as fatigue, finance, depression, bone marrow transplant, facing the death of a loved one and other situations.
Website: http://www.acor.org
Verified: 3/5/2014

Thymic Cancer

Online. 350+ members. Support group for all patients with thymic-related cancers and thymomas.
Website: http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/thymic
E-Mail: thymic-owner@yahoogroups.com
Verified: 3/12/2014

Oral Cancer Foundation

National. Provides support, information, advocacy and research for those with oral cancer.
Oral Cancer Foundation
3419 Via Lido, Ste 205
Newport Beach, CA 92663
Voice: 949-646-8000
Website: http://oralcancersupport.org/forums
E-Mail: info@oralcancerfoundation.org
Verified: 2/27/2014

Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation

Offers mesothelioma telephone support groups for patients, families and caregivers. Groups include peritoneal, chemo, caregivers, grief, extrapleural pneumonectomy (EPP)/pleurectomy decortication (PD) and spousal support.
The Meso Foundation
1317 King Street
Alexandria, VA 22314
Voice: 703-879-3820
Website: http://www.curemeso.org
E-Mail: mhesdorffer@curemeso.org
Verified: 9/3/2013

Cancer Support Community

National. Support for people who are affected by cancer.
Cancer Support Community
1050 17th Street NW, Ste 500
Washington, DC 20036
Voice: 1-888-793-9355 (helpline)
Website: http://www.cancersupportcommunity.org
E-Mail: help@cancersupportcommunity.org
Verified: 2/27/2014

Young Adult Surviving Glioblastoma (YASG)

Online. Provides support and inspiration to young adults in their teens, twenties, thirties and forties who are diagnosed with GBM (glioblastoma multiforme), the most common primary and aggressive brain cancer.
Website: http://www.yasg.com
Verified: 3/5/2014

The Colon Club

Online. Provides support and education for individuals with colorectal cancer. Raises awareness of the symptoms that indicate colon cancer and provides financial assistance to young adults undergoing treatment for colon cancer.
The Colon Club
17 Peach Tree Lane
Wilton, NY 12831
Website: http://www.colonclub.com
E-Mail: info@colonclub.com
Verified: 3/12/2014

Beyond Boobs!, Inc.

National. 10 groups in VA, NC and SC. Support and education for young women diagnosed with breast cancer before menopause. Community-based 'support systems,' create a welcoming environment for young survivors to receive peer emotional support, information, and help when needed from other members. Assists in starting new groups and also spreading breast health awareness through speaking engagements.
Beyond Boobs!, Inc.
1311 Jamestown Rd, Ste 202
Williamsburg, VA 23185
Voice: 757-645-2649
Fax: 757-903-4214
Website: http://www.beyondboobs.org
E-Mail: checkthemout@beyondboobs.org
Verified: 2/19/2014


Online. Professionally-run. Support network for those diagnosed with cancer and cancer survivors. Site gives the user the ability to create circles of individuals with common diagnosis, write one's own journey through blog, use built-in communication services to meet or mentor others, live chat group or person-to-person chat, post face-to-face events or attend other members' events, create and lead one's own live chat or support group.
Website: http://www.cancermatch.com
E-Mail: darryl@malecare.org
Verified: 2/27/2014


National. Prostate cancer support groups, newly diagnosed cancer support groups, advanced prostate cancer, men diagnosed under age 50 and gay cancer survivor support groups throughout the United States.
419 Lafayette Street, 2nd FL
New York, NY 10003
Voice: 212-673-4920
Website: http://malecare.org
E-Mail: info@malecare.org
Verified: 3/11/2014

I Had Cancer

Online. 10,000 members. A cancer support community that empowers individuals to take control of life before, during and after cancer. Community support allows cancer fighters, survivors, and their caregivers to be support from those who understand. The Site allows members to search the community by type of cancer, age, year diagnosed and more. Also provided are real discussions, a blog and more.
Website: http://www.ihadcancer.com
E-Mail: info@ihadcancer.com
Verified: 2/19/2014

Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

National. Founded 1949. Offers support groups through its local chapters for patients/family/friends affected by a by blood cancer.
1311 Mamaroneck Ave., Ste 310
White Plains, NY 10605
Website: www.lls.org
E-Mail: infocenter@lls.org
Verified: 2/27/2014

Lung Cancer Support Community

Online. Provides an online support forum for individuals with lung cancer. Sponsored and maintained by the LUNGevity Foundation. Write LUNGevity Foundation, 435 North LaSalle Street, Ste 310, Chicago, IL 60654.
LUNGevity Foundation
435 N. LaSalle St., Ste 310
Chicago, IL 60654
Voice: 312-464-0716
Fax: 312-464-0737
Website: http://lungevity.org/l_community
E-Mail: info@lungevity.org
Verified: 3/5/2014

Rare Cancer Alliance

Online. Provides support for individuals who have rare cancers via Facebook discussion group, online forums, survivor stories and more. Publishes online e-newsletters, helps people to connect to local support groups and forums also provide information.
Rare Cancer Alliance
1649 N. Pacana Way
Green Valley, AZ 85614
Website: http://www.rare-cancer.org
Verified: 3/4/2014

Sarcoma Alliance

National. 12 groups. Provides guidance, information and support via discussion boards, peer-to-peer networking, chatroom, lists of local support groups, 'how-to(s)' for starting a local group and more.
Sarcoma Alliance
775 E. Blithedale, #334
Mill Valley, CA 94941
Voice: 415-381-7236
Fax: 415-381-7235
Website: http://sarcomaalliance.org
E-Mail: info@sarcomaalliance.org
Verified: 2/19/2014

Duodenal Cancer Group

Online. Support for individuals with Duodenal cancer, a rare cancer found in the upper portion of the small intestine. Group offers a sharing and supportive community, education, awareness as well as resources and research facilitation.
Website: http://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/duodenalcancer/info
E-Mail: duodenalcancer-owner@yahoogroups.com
Verified: 10/10/2013

Cancer Hangout

Online. Provides a supportive environment where individuals can discuss their cancer and the effects it has on their lives.
Website: http://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/cancerhangout/info
E-Mail: cancerhangout-owner@yahoogroups.com
Verified: 10/10/2013

Radiotherapy Damage Support Group

Online. A support/discussion group for people who have suffered damage by radiotherapy treatment for cancer. This is often termed late radiation damage, as it becomes evident some time after radiotherapy has finished. Physicians and other interested persons are also welcome.
Website: http://uk.groups.yahoo.com/group/radiotherapydamage
E-Mail: radiotherapydamage-owner@yahoogroups.co.uk
Verified: 10/10/2013

HER2 Support.org

Online. 3,500 members. Founded 2001. Mutual support and information for breast cancer patients who over express the HER2 gene. Open to patients, caregivers, families, and spouses. Members can get free information from regional oncology nurses.
Voice: 1-866-449-HER2
Website: http://her2support.org/vbulletin
Verified: 11/6/2013

Ovarian Cancer National Toll-Free Telephone Support Group

National. Provides support for women with ovarian or gynecological cancer. Discuss issues pertaining to all stages of diagnosis, treatment and post-treatment with women who have ovarian or gynecological cancer. Meets 2nd Wed., 8pm (EST). For instructions to register for this teleconference call Support Connection in advance.
Support Connections
40 Triangle Center, Ste 100
Yorktown Heights, NY 10598
Voice: 1-800-532-4290 or 914-962-6402
Verified: 12/10/2013

Metastatic Breast Cancer National Telephone Support Group

National. Provides support for women with metastatic breast cancer. Discuss issues pertaining to the diagnosis, treatment and post-treatment with women who have breast cancer. Meets 1st Mon. 8pm (EST). For instructions to register for this teleconference call Support Connection in advance.
Support Connection
20 Triangle Center, Ste. 100
Yorktown Heights, NY 10598
Voice: 1-800-532-4290 or 914-926-6402
Verified: 12/10/2013

Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network

International. 30 affiliated groups. 4 regional Chapters. Founded 2005. Mission is to raise awareness of bladder cancer. Connects patients, families, friends and caregivers for support and inspiration. Fund-raising. Helps to start groups. Online community.
4915 St. Elmo Ave. #202
Bethesda, MD 20814
Voice: 1-888-901-BCAN or 301-215-9099
Website: http://www.bcan.org
E-Mail: info@bcan.org
Verified: 1/2/2014

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