Our mission is to bring the latest advances in genetics to your practice of medicine. Our proprietary MyGenerationsTM software is an online initial screening tool for hereditary cancer. Patients complete the program and bring the results to their appointment for your review and recommendation. MyGenerationsTM  is provided as a public service, there is no fee or obligation for its use.

It takes about ten minutes to answer the online questionnaire that builds the patient’s hereditary cancer family tree. The software then automatically analyzes the information using advanced algorithms developed by national experts in cancer genetics. Your patient then receives immediate feedback in the form of a printout that includes a family tree, initial hereditary cancer risk evaluation and recommendations to discuss with you. Your patient may specify that the report be sent to their NorthShore University HealthSystem physician.

Step 1

Patients enter family history on the Internet or at a NorthShore kiosk using the MyGenerationsTM software before their appointment.


  • Patient has time to ask relatives for information
  • Family history completed and ready for your review at start of appointment
  • Your time is not spent obtaining family history

Step 2

With patient's permission, the Center for Medical Genetics will send you patient’s family tree and an initial risk evaluation for the patient’s appointment.


  • Your time spent discussing results, not gathering information
  • Initial risk evaluation done

Step 3

You refer high risk patients to the Center for Medical Genetics for a genetic consultation and possible genetic testing.

Step 4

We send the patient back to you with a management & recommendations report. Together, you and the patient develop an action plan. 


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