MyGenerations is a computer program created and maintained by the Center for Medical Genetics. It provides individuals with an initial assessment of their risk for hereditary cancer diseases and recommendations for reducing these risks so they may live healthier and longer lives.

How it works

Documented family histories are still one of the most important ways to determine future hereditary disease risk in all family members. MyGenerations analyzes your family history for patterns that relate to specific hereditary diseases.

  • Automatically builds your personal family tree
  • Records your family history of cancer
  • Saves this record for you to update in the future

What you do

Simply enter your family history into the step-by-step screens. You can call your relatives for details as you enter their information. Or, you can save your profile and return to the program after you have talked to your relatives.


You decide whether to remain anonymous or provide your name. You can choose to send the report to your NorthShore University HealthSystem physician.

MyGenerations will provide you with: 

  • A personalized cancer risk assessment with recommendations on reducing these risks to live healthier and longer lives.
  • A printout of your family tree, including your family’s cancer history. This is important information provided in a simple, concise format to discuss with your doctor or genetic counselor.
  • Referral information.
  • Confidential storage of your family information for future use and update using your private username and password.

Learn more about the MyGenerations program »

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