Knowledge of our genetic inheritance can often help predict common diseases and conditions we may be at risk of developing during our lifetime. At NorthShore, we will soon be providing our patients and their family members with a new online application—Health Heritage—designed to let patients easily create a family medical history and generate reports that can be used to better interpret and understand their genetic risks.

By building an electronic family medical history tree through Health Heritage, our patients can work in partnership with our team to gain insights into how genes and life experiences can impact and influence their health and well-being as well as that of their descendents. These insights allow our team to determine possible risk of hereditary conditions and develop personalized surveillance plans and prevention measures.

Health Heritage allows patients to:

  • Generate personalized health risk reports and recommendations based on the latest medical research for themselves and their family members
  • Automatically download personal medical information from their NorthShore medical record through their NorthShoreConnect account
  • Review, add and update health information that relates to their risk of developing common inherited health conditions, such as cancer
  • Transfer health information to relatives for use on their own Health Heritage-created family medical history trees

Our hope is that Health Heritage will provide our patients and their families with a powerful foundation to build personalized plans for improving their health. This secure, dynamic living document will become an essential part of the medical record and can be shared with our patients’ family and physicians for generations to come.

Health Heritage was designed and built by researchers and developers at NorthShore along with colleagues at the University of Virginia. Our NorthShore Health Information Technology and Medical Genetics teams substantially expanded their capabilities and will continually update the system to employ the most current clinical recommendations.

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