James Higgins, long term patient of primary care physician Dr. Martin Kovachevich

A Primary Care Physician's Close Eye Can Detect Problems Before they Start

When Wilmette attorney James Higgins began experiencing more than the usual pain from spinal problems, he called his primary care physician, Dr. Martin Kovachevich.

Dr. Kovachevich, aware of Higgins’ family history of heart disease and alerted by the fact that Higgins was also experiencing gastric distress, asked his patient to come in right away for an electrocardiogram (ECG).  His prompt action and familiarity with his patient’s history turned out to be lifesaving: Higgins needed quadruple bypass surgery, which was later performed at Evanston Hospital.

“Specialists understandably receive acclaim for their often very dramatic role in saving lives,” said Higgins, who has now recovered from the surgery. “But your personal family physician is the one who often first diagnoses a problem and then there is your continued treatment after the specialists’ work is over. They definitely deserve more credit than they often receive.”

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