By providing more effective drug choices and reducing the risk of toxicity and adverse effects, pharmacogenomics improves the likelihood a patient will receive the right drug at the right dose the first time.  Pharmacogenomics accomplishes this by identifying how our unique genetic makeup influences our response to medications. 

A drug that works well for one person, may not work for another. Pharmacogenomics lets our physician experts tailor treatments based on your genes, not just your age, lifestyle and overall health. This approach takes the trial and error out of prescribing medications, and lets us get it right the first time.

At NorthShore, we are already putting pharmacogenomics into clinical practice in several ways, including a dedicated pharmacogenomics clinic.  Through this clinic, patients are able to speak with genetic counselors, pharmacists specially trained in pharmacogenomics, and medical geneticists and have genetic testing preformed.

For more information about the pharmacogenomics clinic or to schedule an appointment, call 847.570.1029.

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