Central to having a strong Personalized Medicine program is having a leading-edge laboratory comprised of multidisciplinary pathology experts and advanced diagnostic technologies. At NorthShore, not only do we have all of this, but our Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine has been ahead of the curve in advanced tumor diagnostics and DNA analysis for the last few decades. 

From diagnosing the first instance of swine flu in Illinois, to utilizing genomic techniques to determine appropriate mediciations, dosages and treatment options for various conditions, our advanced laboratory expertise lets us view the medical condition in a different way—focusing on the molecular defect, not just the microscopic analysis.  Everything as it related to personalized medicine starts in the laboratory including:

At NorthShore, nearly all of the laboratory testing performed is done in-house, which leads to:

  • Expedited results—often within days rather than weeks
  • Increased safety, allowing us to quickly control and identify illnesses and infection
  • Reduced costs by getting the diagnosis and recommended treatment right the first time

As DNA (genomic) testing becomes more mainstream, our experts will continue to analyze, research and discover new, individualized prevention and treatment methods to improve healthcare. NorthShore has recently invested in Next Generation Sequencing Technology, which will enable us to look at the entire genome and more quickly gather very advanced data to guide individualized care plans.

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