The NorthShore Sports Health and Performance Program also offers a comprehensive spectrum of screening tests. Our assessments for exercise physiology, body composition and musculoskeletal health can provide valuable medical information to help elite, competitive and recreational athletes achieve the results they need to succeed.

Exercise Physiology

  • Lactate Profile – A test used to determine the highest intensity exercise one can achieve before reaching the body’s lactate threshold.
  • VO2 Max – A metabolic test to indicate the level of cardiovascular and aerobic fitness.

Body Composition

  • Body Composition Assessment (BODPOD) – Tests to measure the ratio of fat to lean body mass as a percentage of an individual’s total weight.
  • Sports Nutrition Assessment – An analysis to determine optimum nutrients, caloric intake and hydration for daily training, competition, sport-specific nutritional needs and recovery.

Musculoskeletal Health

  • Functional Movement Screen – A series of tests to help predict risk of injury.
  • Biomechanics Evaluation – Video assessments of most sports, including running, cycling and swimming, enable our team to provide athletes with input on corrective and preventive exercises.

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To schedule an appointment please call 847.503.1400. The NorthShore Sports Health and Performance Program is located at the Glenbrook Ambulatory Care Center at 2180 Pfingsten Road, Suite 3100, in Glenview.