Athletes of all types will benefit from the NorthShore Sports Health and Performance Program, which provides comprehensive assessments and individualized recommendations to help them reach their athletic performance goals.

The experts at NorthShore focus on preventive care by helping active individuals – from those just getting started in a sport to competitive athletes – stay healthy, avoid injuries and achieve performance goals with highly customized plans based on their unique health histories.

Primary Care Sports Medicine is a unique specialty that provides comprehensive care to all the sports health concerns of athletes.

Our team recognizes that providing preventive medical care for physically active individuals requires a thorough understanding of the musculoskeletal system, underlying medical issues, metabolic and physiological concerns, nutritional guidelines and sports psychology. Our Primary Care Sports Medicine team is a true advocate for the athlete.

When you partner with one of our Primary Care Sports Medicine experts and team of multidisciplinary physicians and clinical staff, you have the opportunity to work together to customize a variety of screening assessments and create a Peak Performance Plan.

This plan considers your individual health status and fitness level, sport specific conditions, and any factors that put you at risk for a sports injury. It also includes ongoing follow-up recommendations to improve your athletic performance.

Schedule an Appointment

To schedule an appointment please call 847.503.1400. The NorthShore Sports Health and Performance Program is located inside EFT Sports Performance (1630 Old Deerfield Road, Ste. 106) in Highland Park.

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