NorthShore Pancreatic Cancer Family Registry
Aims: The primary aim of the research study is to establish a Pancreatic Cancer Family Registry (PCFR) at NorthShore that will serve as a resource pool for future research into the molecular and biological bases of pancreatic cancer susceptibility. The PCFR will act as a repository for socio-demographic, dietary, environmental, clinical and family history data collected from individuals and interested family members with a personal and/or family history of pancreatic cancer.
Diagnosis: Adults who have a personal history of pancreatic cancer, individuals who are members of a family with 1 or more individuals with pancreatic cancer; and/or individuals who have been identified by clinical DNA testing as genetically predisposed to pancreatic cancer (e.g. p16 or BRCA2 mutation carriers)
Principal Investigator: Kristen J. Vogel, MS
IRB Approval Number: EH02-334
Sponsor:  NorthShore University HealthSystem
Contact:  Interested patients should contact Kristen Vogel at 847.570.1379
Open to Enrollment: Yes

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