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In 1997, the NorthShore University HealthSystem Auxiliary's Gala provided initial funding for the Center for Medical Genetics. The Center for Medical Genetics has since grown to become one of the largest adult genetic clinics and research centers in the United States.

Growth and expansion of quality research initiatives and is made possible through public research grants, private foundations and the generosity of numerous individual donors.

The NorthShore Auxiliary was a proud sponsor of the Medical Genetics program, having raised one million dollars in a two-year period in the late 90's for this forward-thinking addition to our healthcare system.  The generosity of our philanthropic community has provided all of us the privilege and distinction of initiating a program on the North Shore which promises to be to the 21st century what antibiotics were to the last century.  We are already seeing areas where the ability to know our personal, unique characteristics is driving individual, targeted care for various disease states We are on the brink of a new dimension in the healthcare arena, and NorthShore is playing an important role in its development. ~ Stella Caprini, NorthShore Auxiliary President, 1997

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