Benefits of Cardiac Rehabilitation 

To the patient:

  • Increased Exercise Capacity
  • Fewer Symptoms
  • Improved Psychosocial Wellbeing
  • Improvement in cardiac risk factors such as:
    • Decrease in Smoking 
    • Decrease in Weight 
    • Increase in Daily Exercise 
    • Decrease in Blood Pressure 

To the physician:

  • Regular (3x/week) surveillance of your patient
  • Timely feedback regarding patient’s progress or change in status


The following participants can most benefit from Phase II Cardiac Rehabilitation:

Recent (usually within 3-6 months)

Insurance Coverage 

*  Not all heart diagnoses are covered by all insurance carriers

However most insurance plans will cover Phase II of cardiac rehabilitation for some diagnoses. Check with your individual insurance plan to determine eligibility. 

How to Get Started 

Prior to starting the cardiac rehabilitation program, you must have an evaluation by your physician. You may also be required to complete an exercise stress test. Your physician will then send a referral or order for cardiac rehabilitation to the department.  To initiate this process, please call the cardiac rehabilitation program or speak to your physician.

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