Exercising for a healthy heart 

After undergoing a coronary angiography at Evanston Hospital, where she received an angioplasty and two stents, Highland Park resident and Cardiac Rehab patient Ruth is on her way to a successful recovery. “I began my rehab at Highland Park Hospital, and I am making very good progress,” says Ruth.

“The staff is very pleasant and motivational—just enough to push me to the next level without overdoing it.” At Ruth’s level—Phase II—her vital signs are constantly monitored, and since she suffers from arthritis, her exercise routine is adapted to fit her needs. 

The Phase II program begins soon after hospital discharge following a heart attack, coronary bypass surgery, angioplasty or chest pain. Before starting this phase, candidates must complete an exercise test and get permission from their physicians.

Each participant attends an individually tailored aerobic exercise program three times a week, during which heart activity and blood pressure are monitored.  In addition, educational sessions provide information on various health-related topics such as risk-factor modification and cardiovascular disease.

Phase III participants are in the “maintenance” portion of the program. This phase helps the individual continue an exercise regime and maintain healthy lifestyle changes. People with multiple risk factors for coronary artery disease who wish to participate in a medically supervised program can also enroll in Phase III rehab.

Among the most powerful benefits of exercise are its positive effects on heart disease prevention and recovery. Regular physical activity contributes to changes in cardiac risk factors and helps return patients to optimal physical and emotional health.

By offering a comprehensive outpatient rehab and heart disease prevention program, NorthShore University HealthSystem helps cardiac patients lower their heart disease risk and adopt healthy lifestyles. The cardiac rehab program is directed by a professional team that includes cardiologists,specially trained cardiac nurses, exercise physiologists, a registered dietitian and psychosocial professionals.

NorthShore University HealthSystem offers Outpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation Programs at:

Evanston Hospital

Glenbrook Hospital

Highland Park Hospital

Park Center

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