A heart biopsy is a procedure to see what the cells in the heart muscle look like. This procedure may be done after a heart transplant to see if the heart is being rejected by the body, or it may also be done if your heart is not pumping well for reasons that are unknown.

What to Expect

You will be given some medication so that you will not feel the procedure. The doctor will place a small tube into a large vein in the groin or neck which is then advanced to the heart. Some tiny pieces of the heart muscle will be removed and sent to the lab where they will be carefully examined under a microscope. After the tube is removed, you will remain lying down for up to a couple of hours before you are discharged.

What to Do

You will most likely be asked to arrive at the hospital a couple hours prior to your procedure. You should not eat or drink anything the morning of your procedure.

Where to Go

Evanston Hospital - Ambulatory Surgery, 3rd Floor
Glenbrook Hospital - Same Day Surgery, 4th Floor
Highland Park Hospital - Stop at the information desk at the front entrance to check in

Who to Call if you Have Questions

If you have questions, or would like additional information, please call:

Evanston Hospital 847.570.2216
Glenbrook Hospital 847.570.2216
Highland Park Hospital 847.480.3956

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