A multidisciplinary medical specialty clinic to screen and treat individuals with cholesterol abnormalities utilizing National Cholesterol Education Panel Guidelines. Our goal is to identify, treat and reduce the risk of atherosclerosis in patients who have heart disease or are at risk of developing heart disease. We utilize a team approach with emphasis on counseling related to medical therapy, exercise and lifestyle issues.

What to Expect

Any patient who has coronary artery disease or is at risk of having coronary artery disease may be followed in the lipid clinic. Your initial evaluation will be with one of our cardiologists, who will communicate and collaborate with your primary care physician. Our nurses will assist with extensive diet teaching and medication education. We perform cholesterol testing in the office and review your results and progress toward your goals immediately. We perform advanced lipid testing as indicated.

What to Do

Ask your primary care physician if you would benefit from the services of the Lipid Clinic.

Where to Go

The Lipid Clinic is available in the outpatient Cardiology offices located in:

  • Evanston at 1713 Central Street
  • Skokie at 9977 Woods Dr. 3rd Floor
  • Glenview at 2050 Pfingsten Suite 360

If you have any questions please call:

  • Glenview office 847.657.1940
  • Skokie office 847.663.8740
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