NorthShore University HealthSystem is one of only four medical centers in Illinois that offers LDL apheresis (LDL-A), a treatment for removing low-density lipoprotein from the blood.

The treatment can help patients with familial hypercholesterolemia whose LDL (the “bad” cholesterol) is greater than 200mg/dl with documented coronary heart disease, or other severe vascular disease and who have failed drug therapy, diet and other means of lowering their LDL.

Each treatment removes 70-80 percent of the LDL from the blood.  Treatments typically take two-three hours and are repeated every two weeks.

“The schedule seems burdensome, but morbidity and mortality is so high for these patients that they make the time for their treatments.  As long as the proper documentation is in place, treatments are covered by insurance and Medicare,” notes Deeba Masood, MD, an allergist-immunologist.  This type of therapy has shown reversal of atherosclerosis in some patients like those described above says Dr. Timothy Sanborn, Division Chief Cardiology and Dr. Edward B.J. Winslow, Preventive Cardiologist.

Call 1.800.36HEART for information.

Detailed Diagram of LDL Apheresis Procedure

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