Investigators at NorthShore University HealthSystem are developing greatly advanced ways to operate on the heart without opening the chest. They are also examining the biochemical and physiological basis of heart function in hopes of preventing the onset of heart disease.

Ted Feldman, MD, Director of Cardiac Catheterization at NorthShore University HealthSystem, was the first physician in the United States to use the EvalveTM system, a method of repairing malfunctioning mitral valves non-surgically by deploying a small clip through a catheter. He is also the principal investigator for the SYNTAX trial, an international study to determine the best treatment for patients with three-vessel and left main coronary disease. "This study could change the standard of care for people suffering from complex coronary artery disease," said Dr. Feldman, who holds the Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Walgreen Jr. Chair of Cardiology.

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