Created in January of 2011, the mission of the Center for the Study of Complex Diseases is to develop therapeutic methods that transform patient care by harnessing the powers of dynamic systems modeling, medical informatics, and clinical research. Through the use of dynamic systems modeling and other tools for novel scientific inquiry the Center envisions improving treatments and outcomes for patients at NorthShore University HealthSystem (NorthShore) and beyond.

The Center for the Study of Complex Disease serves as resource to NorthShore faculty and staff by providing essential dynamic system modeling services for projects focusing on underlying mechanisms and treatment of disease.  The Center also provides support to projects focusing on quality improvement and other healthcare related systems, but to a more limited extent, and with a goal to recuperate associated expenses.

The Center provides expert consultation for model development using STELLA® as well as the time and effort of experienced staff to assist investigators in building and testing dynamic models. More specifically the center focuses on three aspects of modeling research:

  • Developing new dynamic system models of disease and other critical healthcare related issues to improve treatment, outcomes, and patient care.
  • Testing and validating models using existing data.
  • Conducting clinical research studies to test hypotheses created from the models.