Discoveries in Recent Years have Greatly Advanced our Understanding of the Role Genetics Plays in Many Diseases

NorthShore University HealthSystem established the Center for Medical Genetics to apply this new thinking about genetics to the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of many inherited diseases. The Center’s mission is to bring genetics to the practice of medicine and to provide superior patient care by being a leader in clinical management, research and education.

The need for genetic services can arise at any age. A team of genetic counselors, physicians, and researchers is available to assist both physicians and patients in identifying the need for genetic services and in providing medical management recommendations. Early identification of individuals and families at risk for genetic conditions is important because the effects of many genetic diseases may be prevented or reduced through early diagnosis and management. In certain instances, people may learn that they and their children are not at risk for a condition running in the family.

Research has enormous potential to improve the lives of patients and their families.  The collaboration between the Center's researchers and clinical and basic scientists at other research institutions stimulates solutions to clinical problems and makes the most of physical and intellectual resources.  This network of expertise combined with a multidisciplinary approach creates an environment dedicated to research and improving patient care.

Clinical research offers the promise of understanding disease and health promotion to increase quality of life and quality of medical care.  The Center for Medical Genetics research efforts cover all aspects of patient care from screening and early detection and prevention strategies through new improved treatments for advanced disease.  Access to these clinical research protocols and innovative therapies ultimately empowers our patients to make better informed decisions about their healthcare.