Research hospitals are the vehicle for moving exciting laboratory discoveries into clinical care.  Without such a vehicle, new findings may remain in the lab, where they cannot directly benefit patients or relieve suffering.

With over $100 million in research support and nearly 1000 active research studies, NorthShore University HealthSystem has taken a leading role among the nation's premier independent research hospitals.  NorthShore University HealthSystem has a long-standing tradition of providing the very best care to our patients.  This requires continual evaluation of clinical practices in light of new discoveries.  Our staff of dedicated physicians and scientists understands these innovations and, in many cases, played active roles in their development.

The clinical research program is fundamental to keeping NorthShore University HealthSystem on the forefront of medical advancement.  Our commitment to promoting groundbreaking discoveries and speeding their translation from the laboratory to the bedside prove each day that "Research is the best medicine".