Spiritual Care

Our clinically trained, board certified Chaplains from the Spiritual Care and Music Therapy Department offer support to engage the spiritual dimension of people, their beliefs, faith, culture, values and religious practices to foster healing, growth and well-being.Chaplains can provide spiritual counsel, emotional support and facilitate sacraments.

To contact a Chaplain or request Spiritual Care services, please call:

  • Evanston Hospital, 847.570.2330
  • Glenbrook Hospital, 847.657.5773
  • Highland Park Hospital, 847.480.2733
  • Skokie Hospital, 847.933.6433

Music Therapy

Music therapy involves the evidence-based use of music by a board-certified music therapist to enhance physical and emotional healing and well being and/or cognitive functioning. NorthShore’s Department of Spiritual Care and Music Therapy offers music therapy interventions to patients and families free of charge.

Music is used therapeutically to elicit positive responses to physical, psychosocial, cognitive, and social/emotional needs of individuals of all ages.

Why Music?

  •     Music is a whole-brain process
  •     Music is a familiar, non-threatening medium for most people
  •     Music is easily adaptable for all ages and functioning levels

Music Therapy can be used to:

  • Promote wellness
  • Assist in management of pain and anxiety
  • Increase feelings of relaxation
  • Promote positive changes in mood
  • Decrease isolation and promote normalization of hospital environment
  • Encourage expression of feelings
  • Promote physical rehabilitation
  • Enhance coping mechanisms

NorthShore’s clinically trained, board-certified Music Therapists  assess emotional well-being, physical health, and social functioning through musical responses; they design individual music experiences, using live and recorded music, based on the patient’s needs and preferences. Musical ability is not required to benefit from music therapy.

To contact NorthShore Music Therapists, please call:

Evanston Hospital, 847.570.1524
Glenbrook Hospital, 847.657.6860
Highland Park Hospital, 847.480.2607
Skokie Hospital, 847.933.6436

This practice helps integrate and maximize one’s connection with the more subtle aspects of the self. Universal techniques for quieting the mind and self-reflection are used.

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