I love my job; everybody here does. You wouldn’t be able to do it for very long if you didn’t. At the end of the day I can say I made a difference in somebody’s life.
~Thom Dennis, Hospice Bereavement Services Coordinator

Born out of a process of “life review” NorthShore’s unique Life Stories and Lessons program offers patients the ability to talk about their life experiences and record highlights from their life story via a personal interview that can be videotaped, audio recorded or written into an “ethical will” that passes on values, beliefs and insights from the patient’s personal reflections.

Patients are interviewed either by family members or hospice staff and hospice puts together an extensive remembrance for the family, including photographs, music, a slide show; whatever the patient would like.

The result is a lasting gift for the family, something to hang on to and to remember and celebrate their loved one.