We generate detailed letters and other documentation at the end of the genetic counseling and testing process.  We share these with both patients and physicians after obtaining patient consent to release their medical information. We are available by phone to discuss management issues directly with the patient’s physicians.

We Provide

  • A detailed case summary letter reviewing patient’s complete consultation including
    • Personal and family history
    • Individualized risk assessment, testing choices and outcomes
    • Interpretation of test results within the context of the family history and testing recommendations for other relatives
    • Copy of the family pedigree
  • Determination of syndromic risks not otherwise evident
    • Hereditary syndromes often involve multiple organ systems for which screening or prevention are available, for example:
      • endometrial cancer in Lynch syndrome (hereditary non-polyposis colorectal cancer)
      • ovarian cancer in BRCA1 and BRCA2 carriers
      • cardiac arrhythmias in myotonic dystrophy
      • hearing loss in Alport syndrome 
  • Surveillance and prevention recommendations to help patients plan a course of action with their physician
    • Screening method, age to begin, and frequency
    • Surgery and chemoprevention
    • Hormonal issues 
  • Identification of relatives who should discuss heightened surveillance with their physicians
  • Family information letters for patients to share with relatives
  • Support and advocacy groups specific to the condition
  • Contact information to research groups relevant to the condition
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