The Center for Medical Genetics is unique in being dedicated to all types of adult hereditary conditions. This broad base of expert knowledge allows physicians to send their patients to us for a genetic consultation when a hereditary condition is suspected or all other possible explanations for a condition have been ruled out.  We are available by phone to discuss whether a specific referral is merited and how management might be affected.

A genetic consultation typically lasts 90 minutes in which the patient meets with a genetic counselor for 60 minutes and the geneticist for 30 minutes.  Approximately 95% of patients use their insurance for the consultation and genetic testing and coverage for both is typically between 70-100%. 

Each consultation includes:  

Fact Gathering Services

  • Create a detailed family history
  • Confirm diagnoses in families through medical record reviews, e.g. determine specific cancer type; polyp type and number  
  • Obtain pathological specimens for additional analyses, when necessary  

Diagnosis, Risk Evaluation and Management Services

  • Provide a comprehensive genetic risk assessment
  • Explain technical medical information and concepts of heredity to patients
  • Discuss risks, benefits and limitations of genetic testing and management options
  • Arrange genetic testing and provide results
  • Interpret genetic testing results and evaluate family members’ risk
  • Help you and your patient to develop a medical management plan

Patient Support Services

  • Connect patients with the same illness, allowing patients to have contact with someone who has gone through the same experience    
  • Review genetic legislation regarding health, life and disability insurance
  • Determine insurance coverage and obtain insurance preauthorization for genetic testing
  • Write letters of medical necessity

Second Opinion Services

  • Develop management strategy for patients seeking a second opinion
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