The Center for Medical Genetics is one of the largest adult hereditary disease clinics in the Chicagoland area. Our success in consulting with patients, their families and their physicians is reflected by our 25% annual growth rate which comes from word of mouth referrals and physician outreach programs.

Dr. Janardan D. Khandekar, Head of the Center for Molecular Medicine, had the vision to found the Center for Medical Genetics in 1997 in order to provide care to patients and families with hereditary illnesses affecting adults in not only oncology, but in the areas of neurology, cardiology, nephrology, gastroenterology, psychiatry, dermatology, orthopedics, and other subspecialties of medicine.

The Center for Medical Genetics physicians are members of the Division of Genetics, in the Department of Medicine. Our offices are located in the Graham Medical Office Building and we provide services at Highland Park Hospital and Glenbrook Hospital. We are a training site for Northwestern University’s Masters in Genetic Counseling program and Evanston Hospital’s Residency programs in Medicine and Obstetrics-Gynecology. 

The Center for Medical Genetics is also a major medical research group. We are the third largest source of external research funding to the NorthShore University HealthSystem Research Institute.

The Center for Medical Genetics Difference

We are dedicated to the detection and diagnosis of hereditary conditions affecting adults. Our staff and resources are committed to providing the best possible clinical care and researching new methods and technologies to bring better medical genetics care into the future.

Experts in Adult Hereditary Diseases

The Center for Medical Genetics is an expert resource in hereditary cancers and other hereditary conditions ranging from cardiac and renal disorders to hereditary neurological conditions such as Parkinson and Huntington diseases.

Trained and Experienced Medical Geneticist

Dr. Peter Hulick is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Clinical Genetics.

Trained and Experienced Genetic Counselors

All Center for Medical Genetics Genetic Counselors are Board Certified, with an average of ten years experience.

Major Research Center for Both Gene Discovery and Bringing Genetics to the Beside

Our research extends from uncovering the genes that cause hereditary diseases to creating new assays for physicians to diagnose genetic disorders.

SAFE Program - Screening At-Risk Families for Early Cancer Detection and Prevention

The Center for Medical Genetics conducts clinical research to further the understanding of cancer risks, to develop better ways to detect cancer early, and to prevent cancer altogether.

Utmost Attention to Confidentiality

Learn about our policies and procedures regarding your patient’s privacy of genetic information.

Read more about national and state genetic legislation »

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