The cost of the genetic consultation and the cost of genetic testing are two separate costs. 

Genetic Consultation Costs 

Consultation costs are based on the time spent with the genetic counselor and medical geneticist physician. This cost is billed by the Center for Medical Genetics and is covered by many healthcare insurance policies.

Genetic Testing Costs

The cost of genetic testing ranges from approximately $150 to $3000 depending on the type of testing being performed.  If a genetic mutation is identified in an individual, the cost to test other family members is usually significantly less.  The payment for genetic testing goes directly to the specific laboratory performing the testing, and this is separate from the consultation fee. 

Insurance Coverage

Health insurance plans frequently cover the cost of genetic testing.  We will assist those individuals who want testing to obtain insurance coverage; we do this by obtaining preauthorization for testing or writing letters of medical necessity for the testing.

Some individuals may choose instead to pay out of pocket for genetic testing. Whether to pay for genetic testing by insurance or out of pocket is an important issue that can be discussed with the genetics team.  There is no reason to be concerned about discrimination following a genetic consultation.  Individuals seek genetic counseling for a multitude of reasons and a visit has not been known to adversely affect insurability. Most plans cover the cost of genetics consultation, particularly for an affected individual.

National and state legislation has been enacted to protect individuals against losing their health coverage.

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