The Fast Track to Wound Healing with Dr. Colathur Palani untreated, a chronic wound can enlarge, become infected, and put a patient at risk for amputation and even death. These persistent wounds require specialized care. With this knowledge, When is the right time to seek specialized wound care? What are the available resources? How does the <a href="">Wound Care Center</a> improve patient healing outcomes?Copyright 2016 NorthShore University HealthSystemPost at 9:55 AMKristin Philbin: Welcome! Today’s chat, The Fast Track to Wound Healing, will begin shortly. Please start submitting your questions and Dr. Colathur Palani, will begin answering them as soon as we get started. While you are waiting for the chat to begin, feel free to visit the <a href=""> Wound Care Center </a> to obtain more information. AMPost at 10:29 AMBruno: I’m a diabetic and I’ve heard that we are more likely to get infections than people without diabetes, is this true, why?<br/><br/>Dr. Colathur Palani (NorthShore): Basically increase glucose environment helps bacteria grow. There may be poor blood supply and mildly impaired immunity playing a role. AMPost at 10:30 AMKelly: How do I know when I need to see a doctor about a wound?<br/><br/>Dr. Colathur Palani (NorthShore): Kelly, Any wound that is more than a scrape you should seek to see your Primary care physician. If it is deep or has signs of infection,of course you should go to the Emergency room. If the wound has been there for more than 30 days, we can see you at the Wound Care Center to help heal it. If you are a diabetic, have blood vessle problems etc again you need expert help. AMPost at 10:33 AMRachel: how quickly are wounds healed inside of the chamber?<br/><br/>Dr. Colathur Palani (NorthShore): Rachel, Depends on the wound. We generally treat very hard to heal wounds in the Chamber. They may take an entire course of 40 treatments, i.e. 4 weeks. If you have a specific wound in mind let us know. AMPost at 10:35 AMJeff: What types of wounds are best served using wound care tactics? How do they usually originate as I'm sure most of the "wounds" are your normal bumps and bruises.<br/><br/>Dr. Colathur Palani (NorthShore): Jeff, There are several reasons why wounds don't heal readily. The body is indeed marvelous and heals most of the wounds by itself. Presence of infection, lack of oxygen supply, poor nutrition, blocked veins, leg swelling, previous radiation, a wound that has sort of stalled ( having come to truce with the bacterial and struggling to get an upper hand) and other medical conditions all affect the wound healing process. That is what we do, identify what is affecting healing and give the body what help it needs to start the wounds healing. AMPost at 10:39 AMBruno: Can altering my diet help wounds heal faster?<br/><br/>Dr. Colathur Palani (NorthShore): Yes, Bruno, You may have lived eating all sorts of things and do fine under circumstances that do not demand extra effort from the body. However, when you are ill or have a wound that needs to heal, lack of certain vitamins, minerals and proper calorie to protein balance or just plain lack of adequate nutritional intake can all affect the healing. AMPost at 10:41 AMMichael: A friend who is a professional athlete uses a hyperbaric chamber to aid in recovery from games. Can this be applied to every day life?<br/><br/>Dr. Colathur Palani (NorthShore): Well Michael, I know wealthy athletes do it. In my opinion that may be applying the hyperbaric oxygen a bit too frivolously. The history of hyperbaric oxygen use has had its share of abuse. We try to stick to indications for which there is good scientific proof, the best practice that we can. AMPost at 10:43 AMSusan: I practiced wound care 20 years ago. What are some new wound care treatments out these days?<br/><br/>Dr. Colathur Palani (NorthShore): Susan, Some of examples that might be newer than 20 years might be: Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (wound vac), Silver impregnated materials to fight bacteria, Growth factors in products, Total Contact Casting to off load wounds that are perpetuated by bony prominences and weight bearing Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy etc. AMPost at 11:05 AMKristin Philbin: Thank you again for participating in our chat today. We apologize for the delay. For more information please visit our<a href=""> Wound Care Center </a> <br/><br/> Also, a transcript of this chat will be available shortly. AM